Do you know you can start building a fortune with agriculture today?

Agriculture is the most overlooked or underrated guaranteed revenue earner. Do you know why?

People must eat; the rich, the poor, the middle class, the good, the bad. The need for nourishment would never cease. Crude Oil demand would fall, stock market prices would crash but the need for agriculture would never go away. Nigeria is estimated to have the 7th largest population in the world with an estimated population of over 186 million; feeding this population is what makes agriculture a very profitable business in Nigeria. This is one of the businesses where you can make over a 100% return in just a few weeks or months.

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Even though over 70% of our land is arable, Nigerian youths are not encouraged to see farming as business. Instead, we all grew up dreaming of getting a good paying white collar job which unfortunately is no longer available these days. We have been conditioned to see agriculture as a dirty business or a business for the poor, uneducated and down trodden; that is so far from the truth.
You have options to choose whether you will love to go into agribusiness (business of agriculture) as a crop and plant farmer, as a livestock farmer, into processing of agricultural product or any of the other areas of the value chain.

The good thing is that that you can start with little or no capital depending on the area you want to go into and with advancement in science and technology we no longer do this business like our fore fathers as they never had access to the kind of information that is available today.
There is a lot of free/paid online and offline resources to get information on any of the agribusiness you would like to start so as to avoid the beginners pitfall and enable you succeed in the business because as quickly as you can make money with agriculture you can also lose money if you fail to follow the guidance and counsel of those who are already into the business.

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I like to tell people that information is not expensive; what is really expensive is ignorance as it would cost you more than you would have ever anticipated. I learned the hard way from my very first agricultural business and ever since I have been an active consumer of any information product relevant to my area of agribusiness.


Key Points

  • Market : Over 186 million Nigerians to feed
  • Demand: Supply shortage in agricultural products due to ban on importation
  • Profit: Over 100% profit margin within months of doing agribusiness
  • Low Start-Up Cost: Business start-up as low as N20,000
  • Resource: Complete guide to get you started in some of the agribusiness available from Misanmall

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